Honeywell DIY Home Security and Automation System

The Lyric DIY Home Security and Automation System from Honeywell is their most advanced all-in-one wireless controller. Honeywell has long been known as the premier producer of security equipment in the United States. Therefore, it’s no surprise their Lyric security system is one of the most in demand systems for DIY home security in 2021.

Lyric contains a robust set of features for home security like a wireless connected platform instead of only a single fixed panel. It also features the SiX series two-way secure wireless technology, another great Honeywell innovation.

Much like Honeywell’s earlier wireless Lynx Touch models L5210 or L7000, the Lyric home security system’s user interface has been given a complete rework. It’s new 7” interface and capacitive glass front, give the system an appearance unlike any other Honeywell system. Similar to the 2GIG GC3 or Qolsys IQ Panel, Lyric has all the best features of their front-end UIs, along with simplicity of the LYNX Touch’s wireless sensor programming. Also, unlike traditional self-contained systems, Lyric is a beautiful addition to any wall protruding out only 1.3 inches. Hands-down Lyric is one of the best DIY home security system today.


Honeywell Lyric LCP500-L DIY Home Security and Automation Panel

Lyric LCP500-L System Controller Features

A quick rundown on included features and capabilities:

  • Supports 64 SiX™ two-way encrypted and legacy 5800 Series wireless sensors (128 wireless zones total)
  • LTE cellular option with easy DIY side slot plugin
  • On-board Wi-Fi® and Z-Wave® capability for maximum flexibility
  • Built-in 2MP front-mounted camera* can snap a picture when the system is disarmed and notify end-users
  • Users can control security, thermostats, lights, locks and video with one touch at the touch display or via their smart devices
  • 100+ customizable smart scenes to linksecurity and Z-Wave automation devices
  • Voice control to arm or trigger Lyric Smart Scenes
  • Supports a total of six Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats plus four Lyric Wi-Fi thermostats
  • Eight compatible HD IP cameras
  • 128 wireless zones plus two hardwired zones
  • 48 simultaneous users
  • 6,000 event logs
  • Contemporary design blends with any décor
  • Wall or desk mount

Wireless Devices For Lyric

Honeywell SiX Series Secure Wireless Sensors For LyricThe Lyric system controller is backward compatible with the earlier Honeywell 5800-Series wireless sensors and detectors allowing upgrade customers to reuse existing devices on the new platform. Likewise, the new SiX-Series line of wireless devices are easy to install, easy to maintain and provide a higher level of security. This includes the Lyric secondary keypad (LKP500-EN), Lyric Keyfob (SiXFOB), Lyric Door Window Contact (SiXminiCT), Lyric Motion Sensor (SiXPIR), Lyric Glassbreak (SiXGB), Lyric Smoke Detector (SiXSMOKE), and Lyric Auxiliary Siren (SiXSIREN).  The series utilize a 2.4 GHz 128-bit encryption signal to prevent possible jamming of the RF signals by sophisticated thieves which frankly is unlikely, but why not have the added protection?.

Lyric LCP500-L Side Slot For Cellular


Honeywell has made Lyric as future-proof as possible. It has a USB port on its bottom, as well as slots on the side allowing an optional LTE cellular card addition or future cards which can be swapped out as new cellular standards are adopted. There’s another slot for housing additional wireless radios should ZigBee or some other protocol become popular in the connected world.


Lyric Home Automation

Unlike the Lynx Touch L5210 or L7000 wireless models, Lyric has both Z-Wave and WIFI built-in. This system is ready to connect to your local area network and integrate with Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats. Older Lynx Touch systems required users to add the L5100-WIFI and the L5100-ZWAVE modules, which was a nice option but added complexity and made putting a system purchase together more difficult. Building WIFI and Z-Wave into the Lyric system from the start adds to the usability of this truly amazing piece of DIY-friendly security panel.

Honeywell Lyric Home Security System - Hello LyricThe Lyric Controller can receive voice commands to control Z-Wave automation smart scenes and other features with the use of it’s built-in microphone. There are three basic commands the Lyric alarm control panel will understand Hello Lyric, Hello Lyric home, and OK Lyric. Once the trigger word has been stated you can then follow with your automation smart scene name such as Returning Home, Wake-Up, Evening Time, or Bedtime. These scenes can include an array of Z-Wave connected devices to lock/unlock a door, lower a connected thermostat, turn on/off or dim lights, close or open your garage door.



Skybell Doorbell and Honeywell Total Connect 2The Honeywell Lyric Controller has also added integration with the Skybell HD Video Doorbell though you will need the DBCAM version to work with Total Connect 2. The high-definition video doorbell lets you enjoy new levels of security, control, and convenience wherever you are in the world. With Skybell you can remotely check doorbell activity on the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services app, and see, hear and speak to visitors at your door from a smartphone.  When activating Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services used with the Lyric Controller, you can control the security system, compatible IP cameras including Skybell, Z-Wave or Lyric thermostats, Z-Wave lighting, Z-Wave locks and receive alerts from most smartphones, tablets, and computers.  You can also download the My Home Controller app for local-only WIFI access when Total Connect 2 service for remote system control is not chosen.

LCP500-DK lyric-controller-in-kitchen

For simple DIY installation of the Honeywell Lyric Controller we recommend considering the LCP500-DK which is a desk mount that requires no drilling and the LT-Cable which is an 8ft power cable. By using both of these products together the Lyric panel installation is fast and easy.  Mounting the SiX wireless sensors is already DIY simple!





A Potential Lyric Issue

Honeywell AlarmNet Interactive Services Alarm MonitoringWhile we see the Honeywell Lyric LCP500-L Security Controller as a hit with great features, there is a glaring negative we see as well.  If you signup for AlarmNet for Interactive Services and possibly Total Connect 2, you are sort of “locked” to your selected dealer for monitoring services.  You can still change dealers at any time of course but it will require a factory reset (defaulting the panel) which blows away all existing panel settings and zone configuration.  Honeywell has decided, and just for Lyric it seems, to make dealer “takeovers” of monitoring accounts very difficult since they now require the new dealer or DIY homeowner to reenter/reprogram all wireless sensors and more into the controller from scratch.  If you start with a good monitoring vendor this will never be a problem but we have an issue making it so burdensome for users to switch if their dealer service levels fall or their pricing is no longer competitive.

This seems to be an invisible “feature” for many who have researched the Lyric alarm system for their home or business.  We felt it necessary for potential buyers to be aware of this unfortunate Honeywell AlarmNet decision when considering a purchase.

Our View of the Honeywell Lyric Security System

Regardless of the previous negative we still wholly endorce the Honeywell Lyric security system for DIY home alarm use.  We have had very few hardware failures which is consistent with Honeywell and previously Ademco products.  It’s a solid choice for 2021 upgrade or new installations.


Chat with a Lyric Certified security professional at SafeHomeCentral to learn more about how to protect your home with Honeywell products for home security and automation in 2021.

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