2GIG GC3 Wireless Security SystemThe new 4G LTE cellular communicator needed for Alarm.com service requires a firmware version of at least 3.1.3 or higher just to recognize the new cell module.  You can update the GC3 firmware yourself without incurring an Over-The-Air (OTA) cellular charge from Alarm.com.


Updating My 2GIG GC3 Firmware
  1. Download and unzip the firmware update file. (After unzipping right-click on the file name, and select ‘Save As’ and save it to an empty USB thumb drive, leaving the file name unchanged.)
  2. Save the firmware file to the root directory of a USB flash drive.  Note:  The USB flash drive must have only one partition
  1. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the top of the GC3 panel.
  2. You will see a notice that there is a new firmware to install. Select Update
  3. Enter the Installer Code or Master Code.
  4. The GC3/GC3e will install the update and restart

Note: This update file will upgrade all GC3 or GC3e panel firmware to 3.2.5.

If you have previously upgraded the GC3/GC3e to a 3.2.5 firmware, you will receive an error as you are already at the latest firmware.

System Requirements

  • PC running Windows XP or later (Mac OS not supported)
  • One available USB port (USB v1.1 or later)
  • A working knowledge of installing drivers and running applications on a Windows computer


Firmware V3.2.5 Firmware Files