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DIY  Home Security and Automation

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  • Go wireless for fast and easy installation
  • Don’t replace, modernize your existing system!
  • Same top brands used by professionals
  • UL monitoring at half the price of local dealers!
  • No annual, multi-year monitoring or service commitments. Cancel anytime.
  • Smartphone control of your security, lights, locks, temperature, and video

Featured Wireless Alarm Systems For Your Home or Business

2GIG GC3 Wireless Home Security Alarm System For DIY

The Industry’s Best Selling Home Security System

The 2GIG GC3 is a great pick for DIY homeowners when it comes to professional-grade wireless alarm systems. With One-Button activation, easy to read system status, and user-programmable notifications, you can be sure your home is protected from both intrusion and fire.  In addition, smart home automation has been the focus of all 2GIG controls since their beginning. The GC3 control makes managing your Z-Wave home automation devices super simple!

Fast, Easy DIY Installation

Resolution Helix, the professional wireless home security system designed from the start to control security and automation right from your mobile devices. Removing the traditional alarm keypad by the front door ensures better installation options and makes the user interface simple.  Instant control and comfort from the devices you and your family already know and love. 

Helix DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm System
Helix DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Fast, Easy DIY Installation

Resolution Helix, the professional wireless home security system designed from the start to control security and automation right from your mobile devices. Removing the traditional alarm keypad by the front door ensures better installation options and makes the user interface simple.  Instant control and comfort from the devices you and your family already know and love. 

LYNX DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm System

The #1 Security Brand For Decades

Honeywell’s LYNX Touch lets you conveniently control your alarm system, lights, locks and thermostats, view video and more—all from a full-color graphic touchscreen, or on mobile devices from anywhere when using Honeywell Total Connect interactive services. With a large, easy to read display, the LYNX Touch is perfect for family members of any age. 

History Builds Trust!

Vanguard installed our original alarm system back in 1990.  When we decided it was time to modernize, not only were these people still in business they hooked me on DIY saving big $$$.  Didn’t have to rip and replace everything, just upgrade the panel. Can’t recommend enough.

Carl D. – Ardmore, PA

Wireless Is The Ticket!

Putting in my own security system was not the challenge I thought it would be.  Tim was great to work with helping me choose the right wireless system for our townhouse.  Saved a lot of money on equipment and monitoring and who doesn’t love controlling everything from their iPhone!

Jimmy T. – Fort Worth, TX

The Modern Connected Home

We all have smartphones.  Why not use them to control your home security and automation devices too?  This is at the top of the wishlist for DIY customers.  

Interactive Remote Monitoring Features:

  • Arm and disarm from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Control lights, locks, thermostats in your home
  • View what’s happening inside/outside your home with streaming video or snapshots
  • Be notified by call, text, and/or email if there is a break-in, fire, medical emergency, or environmental issue (freeze/flood) in your home
  • Self and UL central station monitoring options available over Internet and/or cellular
Modern Connected Home Alarm Systems

Interactive alarm monitoring from $8.95/month

Considering Professional Alarm Installation?

No Long-Term, High Monthly Fees

Vanguard Security Corporation

If you live in the Philadelphia area, Vanguard Security Corporation can professionally install your home security alarm system.  We’ve been installing residential and commercial alarm systems since 1987. The benefits:

  • Use our years of experience assessing your family’s home security needs and determining the best type and location for intrusion and fire detection sensors.
  • Fast, no-hassle home security installation.  Family owned.  Family staffed.
  • We handle all hardware installation, control panel programming, as well as central station and interactive service provider enrollment.
  • Complete walk-thru for you and family members of how to use your new home security system to its fullest.  We make sure its fully functional, yet easy and convenient to use.
Call now for professional home alarm installation

Affordable Professional Installation

  • Equipment cost the same as for our online DIY customers!  No excessive dealer markup.  Our competitors don’t do this.
  • Savings month after month with our discounted alarm monitoring.  No contracts, no long-term commitments.  Same pricing as our DIY customers!
  • Flat fee of $150 for professional wireless installation.  Covers install for main panel/keypad/siren, up to five door/windows, two motions, two keyfobs, one smoke detector. Minor upgrade for larger systems.

DIY  Home Security and Automation Basics

Understand the Hows and Whys before you begin!

Understanding DIY Home Security Alarm Systems

Understanding Home Security Systems

Thinking about installing your own home security system with maybe home automation as well? With all of the new products released recently the “professional-grade” security market for DIY is finally becoming a reality.  Historically this has been a “dealer-only” industry.  The difficultly purchasing hardware and getting manufacturer technical support, especially for warranty issues, has been a roadblock for DIY projects.  But there ARE paths to tackle those concerns […]

Understanding Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems

Home Security System Configurations

This article focuses on how you may want to tailor your home security system based on lifestyle and cost.There are three main home security system (alarm) configurations to consider: Perimeter Only, Perimeter with Backup (motion and/or Glassbreak), Interior Only.  A “Perimeter Only” system is just that – only the perimeter entry points to your home are protected.  Every door and window is protected by magnetic contact intrusion sensors and can be wired, wireless or a combination of both.  Generally all openings […]

Great Support When Needed

Programming the Vista-20P panel was the biggest concern (fear) for my DIY project but Chris walked me through a lot of it plus programmed my panel over the wire.  Boom – I was up and running in no time.  A great DIY experience!

Dan R. – Stockton, CA

Our Second DIY System

I bought my first DIY burg alarm more than 12 years ago from Vanguard Security.  When we moved and needed an alarm system it was a natural to buy from these guys again.  Easy to work with and great monitoring which is basically free with my insurance discount.

Bob M. – Alpharetta, GA

State Of The Home Security Business

DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm System

You probably already know professionally installed security systems can be expensive, especially when considering any “mandatory” multi-year lock-in commitments.  

Many offer free systems but these “free” system come-ons are never free.  Their primary system components such as control panel, keypad, and motion detector are usually owned by the alarm company (ex. ADT or Comcast).  Only the “add-on” devices needed to expand the system are owned by you. This keeps you locked-in with high monthly fees even beyond the required 3-5 year commitment.

If you decide not to renew their expensive monitoring agreement, then the primary components are removed and you no longer have a working security system.  What a scam!

DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Traditionally professional-grade security equipment has been designed for veteran installers who do this for a living. The installation instructions were complex and system programming seemed to require an engineering degree.

Today’s wireless systems transform a grueling two-day, four-man wired install into a Saturday morning delight for DIY homeowners! We carry the same top brands used by your local alarm companies – but at affordable pricing for DIY.

With the right up-front knowledge it’s not difficult to install a professional-grade security system regardless of what local dealers claim. Vanguard Security becomes your virtual security dealer supplying the equipment, the DIY know-how, as well as manufacturer warranty support. 

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