Landline/VoIP UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring (Annual)

We have a wide range of affordable NO CONTRACT home alarm monitoring solutions to choose from fitting all your security, home automation, and medical emergency needs, as well as budget.

We recommend true UL central station monitoring dispatch because we’re on the job 24x7x365 which is important when a real emergency is happening at home. 


UL Central Station For Alarm Systems

  • PrePay Monitoring Subscription Term - No Contract, Cancel Anytime!
    We have no long-term monitoring commitments. Cancel anytime after your prepaid discount period (ie, monthly, annual) has expired. We offer prepaid monitoring subscription plans for pricing discount only.

    Your recurring auto-pay monitoring subscription renews based on your Term selection below - Monthly or Annual. You may cancel anytime without penalty. We cannot refund any unused prepaid time however.

    NOTE: We cannot monitor commercial fire alarm panels which are housed in a RED metal box. Only a local fire alarm dealer can monitor these.

  • Choose your prepay discount option:

    15% Savings!


    No Prepay Savings

  • Landline POTS/VoIP Package Features
  • These are the service features included in our Landline/VoIP package:

  • This is your total price for a full year of alarm monitoring with selected options. 15% prepay discount applied.
    Price: $0.00
  • This is your "effective" alarm monitoring price, per month, after our 15% annual pre-pay discount.
  • Active Landline

    You will need an actual dial tone at your alarm panel for service.  This can be via a true POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Service) or using VoIP via your router and ISP.  As a warning VoIP is considered unreliable by most alarm system manufacturers because VoIP was designed for voice, not data transmission.  

    If using VoIP please confirm the landline output from your router actually connects to your alarm panel before signing up.  ISP techs rarely connect their landline output to alarm systems because they are afraid of the liability.  This is usually left to the DIY homeowner or local alarm dealer.

    Installer Code

    You will need to know your panel’s Installer Code because without it no dealer can sign you up for new monitoring service.  This code is used to get into the programming fields necessary to modify the central station account number, and telephone numbers for example. 

    Validate My Installer Code
  • Alarm Monitoring Subscription Total

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