Factory Defaulting My Honeywell Lyric Controller

If your Lyric controller has previously been registered with AlarmNet unfortunately a factory default (reset) is required when changing AlarmNet dealers.  This clears all user codes, sensors, you name it – back to a brand new out of the box Lyric controller.  Follow the steps below to default the panel so you can get registered again with AlarmNet but at a much lower affordable price with SafeHomeCentral.com.  We can assist with reenrolling your wireless sensors remotely after we get you online with AlarmNet either via WIFI, cellular, or both.

Honeywell Lyric Controller (LCP500-L)

  • Press Home
  • Press Security
  • Press Tools
  • Enter your Installer Code (default is 4112 unless changed)
  • Press Program
  • Press Comm Diagnostic
  • Press the Down Arrow once and press Default Config
  • Press Yes.  There will be no message saying the reset was successful.
  • Press the Back Arrow until you reach the main screen or press Home to exit
honeywell lyric security system controller