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Your keypad is the communication device between you and your home security system.  You can arm and disarm the system, view status, view cameras, control lighting – basically anything connected to your DIY security and automation system. Keypads come in different flavors.  Wireless units, wired units, wired with integrated RF wireless receivers, keyfobs, and of course modern systems have the option of being controlled with your smartphone or computer. 

Keypads are specific to manufacturer brand and system panel model. You operate your security system by entering your security code at the keypad. Generally located at entry doors, keypads can arm and disarm with push-button ease, and literally put security at your family’s fingertips! Good features to look for include illuminated keys to provide you with greater visibility at night, easy-to-read Alphanumeric displays that spell out your system’s status at a glance, and one-touch function keys providing single-button operation for arming, disarming or emergencies (panic, fire, medical). All systems offer convenient additional user codes for keypad entry to give friends, neighbors or service people access to your home.  Keyfobs are ideal for babysitters as well as daily family use (no user codes to enter) and optionally remote control of locks and system arming/disarming via your smartphone.

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