Professional Installation By Vanguard Security Corporation

If you live in the Philadelphia area, Vanguard Security Corporation can professionally install your home security alarm system. We’ve been installing residential and commercial alarm systems since 1987!


Use our 31 years of experience assessing your family’s home security needs and determining the best type and location for intrusion and fire detection sensors.

Fast, Hassle Free Professional Installation By Vanguard Security Corporation


Fast, no-hassle home security installation. Family owned. Family staffed. We are known for our exceptional customer service!


Complete walk-thru for you and family members of how to use your new home security system to its fullest.We make sure its fully functional, yet easy and convenient to use.

We Do It All

We handle all hardware installation, control panel programming, as well as central station and interactive service provider enrollment.

Flat Fee

Flat fee of $150 for professional wireless installation.Covers install for main panel/keypad/siren, up to five door/windows, two motions, two keyfobs, one smoke detector.

Buy Like DIY

We charge the same for equipment and monitoring regardless if you buy online (DIY) or have us professionally install. No excessive dealer markup. Our competitors just don’t do this.

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