TC2 Smart Security Alarm Monitoring (Annual)

For your security system to reliably protect you in an emergency – a fire, a break-in, extreme weather – it’s essential that you choose one with the most reliable technology for communicating with the outside world. Honeywell AlarmNet uses a secure cellular and/or Internet connection, dedicated solely to your security system. This signaling technology is reliable, and works even if your phone line, cable, broadband and power are down.

We have a wide range of affordable NO CONTRACT home alarm monitoring solutions to choose from fitting all your security, home automation, and medical emergency needs, as well as budget.

We recommend true UL central station monitoring dispatch because we’re on the job 24x7x365 which is important when a real emergency is happening at home. 

Hardwired panels: Only Honeywell Vista series panels with firmware version 9.12 or above can use Total Connect 2 interactive services.  The model panel, firmware version, and manufacture date is shown on the white tag on the PROM on the Vista motherboard (see below). For versions below 9.12 you can easily upgrade the control panel’s firmware to the latest supported version by popping in a new PROM on the motherboard.  The example in the image is a Vista-20P Firmware of 10.23, and manufacture date of 2014.

Vista-20P Prom Location

We have two kits that include LTE cellular communicators with PROM upgrade chips.  If using an ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000 for example these same kits will convert your ADT panel to a generic Honeywell Vista panel ready for Total Connect 2 services.

Another alternative for Honeywell Vista series control panels with a manufacture date of 2005 or later (shown on the bottom of PROM label) is the SEM.  As long as the build date is 2005+ then firmware version does not matter.  The SEM provides dual-path LTE cellular and IP Internet communication and also adds Z-Wave home automation capability to your Vista panel.  Sign up for Alarm Monitoring rather than Total Connect 2 when using a SEM.  The pricing is the same but overall features is most richer with

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    This will be the signal path to AlarmNet and our UL central station. Be sure your alarm communicator supports the path selected.

  • AlarmNet Package Features
  • These are the AlarmNet service features included in our Smart Security package:

  • Total Connect 2 Service Add-ons
  • AlarmNet TC2 cloud storage options. Supports up to 8 video cameras. Video motion detection included.

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    When your home's alarm or a panic button is activated, two-way hands-free communication with the monitoring center begins. You and our professional dispatcher will communicate through a speaker and microphone built in to your alarm panel. There's no need to find a phone. The monitoring dispatcher can hear exactly what is taking place in your home, determine your emergency and send the appropriate help. Be sure your alarm control panel has two-way voice capability before selecting.

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