Home Security Alarm Monitoring From Only $10.29 (Monthly Option)

We have a wide range of discounted NO CONTRACT home alarm monitoring solutions to choose from fitting all security and medical emergency needs, as well as budget.  We recommend true UL central station monitoring dispatch because we’re on the job 24x7x365 which is important when a real emergency is happening at home.  Don’t be fooled by “self-monitoring” options just to get a lower price.

Choose from multiple paths to our monitoring centers: landline (POTS), VoIP, Internet/WIFI, or cellular.  You can also select dual-path redundancy (recommended) to ensure your alarm signal is received regardless of tampering or environmental issues.

Our Interactive Services options can allow remote control of your security system and can even control lights, locks, thermostats, and video surveillance cameras.  Sign up for either a monthly, six months, or annual subscription with our no commitment, cancel anytime agreement!

Two-Way Voice is a must have when considering PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) for you or your loved ones.  Our central station has been monitoring 2-way voice systems for over 20 years and PERS since their introduction into the market. We understand this is an area that requires special care and attention. That’s why our 2-way operators receive rigorous training to handle medical alert and other 2-way voice alarms.