Alula Internet Alarm System Self-Monitoring (Annual)

Self-monitored security systems are exactly what they sound like, they are alarm systems you technically monitor yourself.  The key advantage is the cost savings over a professional UL central station dispatch plan while still retaining the modern interactive features that Alula and the Alula Connect smartphone app provides. This includes not only notification of alarms and trouble issues received on the app but you can also remote arm and disarm your security system plus control Z-Wave home automation and video options as well.

In areas where police response can be very slow the motivation for central station dispatch may not be very strong.  Its not for everyone. Many people just want interactive control of their alarm and home automation devices.

Keep in mind “you” are responsible for calling your local police, fire, or medical departments in the event of an emergency at home with self-monitoring.  If you miss the app alert on your phone or out of a WIFI or cellular service area an emergency may not be acted upon, at least in a timely manner.  This is why we always recommend 24×7 UL central station dispatch to customers.  Few insurance companies offer the typical 10% – 20% annual discount on premiums with self-monitored alarm systems.

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