Home Security Signs and Decals

Can You Read This?

Signs and Decals

Home Security yard signs and decals that say your home is protected by an alarm system could scare off potential intruders. Generally, thieves look for homes with easy entry and escape, but security systems make things more difficult and risky for the would-be thieves. The question is however are yard signs and window decals necessary?  Should you forego an alarm system altogether and just use fake security signs/decals? 

The most obvious benefit of using yard signs and window decals instead of an actual security system is that it’s much cheaper. Buying security system yard signs and stickers are an easy DIY project, but you get what you pay for.  If the thieves are not fooled then you won’t know until you return home (or worse) that intruders were in your home. 

We ALWAYS recommend signs and stickers since frankly they “do” spook most thieves.  Better to send them to your neighbor who doesn’t have a security system! 

There is a trend today among police departments that generic signs may be better then brand signs since “smarter” thieves may have a feel for what a standard ADT or SimpliSafe alarm install looks like and can adjust for it.  If they are brazen enough to get up close to your home (windows) they can tell if you really have a security system and not just fake signs.  Again, send them next door.