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The best place to start with building a DIY home security and automation system is with a kit.  These are a prepackaged selection of devices by the manufacturer and an excellent way to save money. We have a broad selection of both wired as well as wireless starter kits.  Some come with just a panel and keypad while others come with enough to protect a small house.  Select the kit that best meets your home’s basic needs and then add devices (motion sensors, keypads, door/window sensors, smoke detectors) that you may need to expand the system.  Keep in mind you can always add devices later too.  

The essential components of a DIY home security and automation system:

  • System panel/controller:  All wired and wireless panels will include a plugin transformer/power supply.
  • Backup battery:  Most wireless controls will include an internal backup battery and many wired kits include one as well.  The backup battery is what protects the system from utility power failure. 
  • Keypad:  Wired panels will require an alphanumeric keypad for local programming while some wireless panels such as the Helix do not require a keypad at all since a smartphone can serve as the keypad.
  • Contacts for all perimeter doors: Wired and/or wireless devices.  For hard to wire doors consider adding a wireless receiver and use a wireless door/window transmitter.
  • Siren:  Wireless panels generally include a sounder/siren but these can be expanded with additional sirens.

Everything beyond this is optional.  If for example you are doing a full perimeter system then adding more door/window sensors is a must.  You may want motion sensors and/or glassbreak detectors to backup your perimeter design.  Consider life safety devices such as smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors.  If you want to add it, we have it!

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