What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is the ability to control home features such as lighting, appliances, heating and cooling, security systems, audio and video distribution, computer network, sauna and swimming pools locally or remotely through the internet, a phone or even voice commands. These controls can be automatic or on-demand.

Few good examples:

  • Weekdays 5:00 am during winter the furnace kicks in with temperature set at 73°F.
  • Weekdays 6:00 am, the alarm clock rings, bed side lamps gradually lit up and the coffee machine starts brewing.
  • Weekdays 8:00 am everyone left the house which folds back to nobody’s home, shuts off all lights, brings the house at 60°F and engage the security system.
  • Anytime during weekdays, you go back home earlier, you call your home and just say “going home”, the house prepare everything – temperature, lighting etc… for your arrival.

Home automation brings flexibility and security to your home.

What can be managed through Home Automation?

According to Pierre Merlin leader in Home Automation design, everything and anything can be controlled, monitored and managed.

Some of the most common features are:

  • Lighting, from on/off/dim controls, light scenes, to security awareness
  • Heating and Cooling, from simple temperature setbacks to more sophisticated seasonal detections and adjustments.
  • Security system, from door and windows to a complete security management system with cameras and early warning systems
  • Audio and video, from one room distribution to whole house audio and video distribution.

More complex feature can be:

  • Weather station integration for the heating cooling system.
  • Voice recognition to receive command.
  • Phone integration to generate and to receive calls.
  • Swimming pool or sauna management with heating, filtering and purifying.
  • Baby’s room monitoring with noise and movement detection and reporting.

Sky and money are the limit.

Source by Pierre Merlin

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