The holiday and festive season is normally an inviting time for home burglaries. If you don’t have home security an alternative you can consider is a fake security camera.

For less than $100, you could appear to have your home protected by security camera coverage however, “appear to” is the operative phrase. If your home is broken into and possessions are stolen then bear in mind a fake security camera won’t have the ability record the crime.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras in a fake mold are a great option when shopping for fake cameras. There are some excellent models in the marketplace which not only look like the real thing, to the untrained observer, act like it as well.

For example, a flashing light on the base of the dome camera indicates it’s live and working and usually a deterrent for a would-be burglar. Many even have fake sensor motion which appear to scan the area they are set up in and this again acts as a strong deterrent.

Outdoor Dummy Dome – Odome

One of the more sophisticated models worth considering is Security 2020’s Outdoor Dummy Dome Odome model. It’s not a very unobtrusive fake security camera and that’s one of the reasons it’s an appealing prospect.

It is further enhanced with the usual flashing light and is extremely hard to distinguish from a real camera because it is housed in a real camera casing.

One of the big advantages of installing dome fake security cameras is like their real cousins, it’s difficult to see in which direction their aiming. The Odome is very large in proportion and negates the need to post several smaller models in the intended area of coverage.

For indoor coverage, the SC 101 dome camera also offers chameleon-like security camera qualities and is considered another strong deterrent. For non-technical types, assembly is very straight-forward in fact, it’s almost a case of simply installing it in the desired location.

When buying a fake security camera make sure you get warning signs and stickers as part of your purchase. Having a fake camera is one thing but a displayed warning sign strengthens the deterrent qualities of the camera.

Source by Dean Caporella

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