Easy DIY smart house automation has never been simpler to carry out than it is today. You can now set up a simple to use, complete home automation system that will bring convenience and security to your entire family. From turning on lighting in your home from your smart phone no matter whether you’re sitting in the living room or across town in your office, to remotely unlocking the front door if the kids forget their key, there is no limit to how you can simplify your home life.

The days of paying for an expensive home wiring system with a control system programmed by an IT expert are gone. Now you can easily set up a basic controller system, plug in a few wireless wall plugs and plug your light fixtures or other appliances and in minutes have your new home automation system up and running. In the following paragraphs I am going to outline one of the simplest DIY smart house automation systems you can install in your own home.

While working on a DIY home improvement project to automate my own home I discovered the INSTEON home automation system. I was looking for a system to upgrade my eighty year old home. What I learned was that there were already a number of whole house automation systems available that used single band technology. These options included Wi-Fi, RF, Bluetooth, or smartwire. In each of these systems there are things that can go wrong, roadblocks that disrupt the signal. What I learned about INSTEON was that it is the only complete home automation system that uses Dual-Band technology.

With Dual-Band technology, INSTEON uses a combination of RF or radio frequency signal and it creates a second band by sending a signal through your homes existing home wiring system. This combined dual-band technology works to eliminate roadblocks giving you a more reliable home automation experience. So from a DIY standpoint you can install a complete home automation and home security system without any complicated wiring system or computer programing skills. The most complicated part of a basic smart house system will be to replace or install a few wall mount light switches in order to automate control of the lighting on those switches.

With dual-band technology every new control feature you add to your system you will increase the power of the whole system. This is because each control module acts as a repeater for any sequence or scene(scene is the term used to describe any automated command sequence) and help relay the command to the proper module. So there is no limit to how many modules you can install.

I forgot to mention that with the simplicity of this DIY automation system you can install it just as easily into an eighty year old home as into a brand new home.So if you wanted the ability to control the temperature of your central air system in your thirty year old home from your office, no problem.

Once you have installed your new INSTEON hub by simply plugging it in you will be able to access it by installing the INSTEON app for your Smartphone, iPhone, or tablet. You will also be able to wirelessly link it to each control module you install.

When it comes to family convenience you can install simple plugin wall mounted modules to control lighting, home audio equipment, fans or heaters. If you want to control entire room lighting groups simply install a dimmable wall switch that can be controlled from anywhere. Wireless garage door openers have been around forever but what if yours let you know if you forgot to close the door when you left and let you close the door from anywhere in the world?

When it comes to family home security how about a simple DIY installation module at each window and door that lets you know when opened or left open no matter if you are home or not. You will have the power to create scenes to activate flashing lights or an audible siren if you choose or maybe you will have your system include outside wireless motion sensors that activate exterior lighting.

Of course wireless cameras play a big part in any modern DIY home automation system and with this system you have the option of units with night vision ability as well as units that will activate automatically by motion sensor. These systems can simply be programmed to play on any HDTV or computer monitor or smartphone screen.

Source by James D Patrick

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