Many people think that burglar alerts are expensive to install and maintain, or that they do not deter burglars; these articles explodes these, and other, myths.

Burglar alarms are expensive

Not true. There are many types of burglar alarm and many are very inexpensive, and surprisingly they are all built around the same basic components. These range from the easy to fit and effective alarms which cost less than £ 100 and can be installed DIY to the complex and sophisticated systems which can cost many thousands and require specialist engineers to install. However, most domestic systems do not have to be expensive and can be fitted quite easily.

Burglar alarms must be professionally installed

Not true. DIY alarms can be installed by anyone with "do it yourself" skills, and the wireless systems are simple and easy to install.

Burglar alerts require monthly payments for a service contract

Not true. Although it is common for many alarm companies to require that burglar alarm owners pay monthly maintenance charges this is not necessary for many domestic alarm systems. Maintenance contracts should not be a condition for the installation of a burglar alarm.

Burglar alarms are nuisance to the neighbors

Not true. Most neighbours will appreciate the benefits of an alarm system and will often take a look around your property if they hear the alarm siren.

Alarm Monitoring is always expensive

Not true. Alarm monitoring can be expensive optional extra for the home owner but if you choose an auto dial system the alarm will call your mobile or a set number of landline numbers so you can monitor the system personally without any additional expense.

Burglars would not be interested in my house

Not true. Most burglars are not career professionals; rather they are opportunist thieves who choose their targets at random. These thieves will burgle any property, in any area, if they think they can steal something of value, they will even your garden ornaments.

Alarms will not stop determined burglars

Not true. Most determined burglars would rather avoid any property where there appears to be an alarm fitted. They are well aware of the risks associated with alarms and they know there are plenty of homes that they steal from where they do not have to deal with the additional problems of alarm systems. If, however, you have extremely valuable personal property to secure you would be well advised to seek out a very sophisticated alarm system because you could have the target of professionals rather than opportunist thieves.

A burglar alarm indicates valuable property

Not true. Very many homes have burglar alarms installed to protect everyday items such as TV, Hi Fi, computer equipment etc. Research has shown that a home with a burglar alarm installed is four times less likely to be burgled than a home without an alarm. Burglar alarms are generally accepted as being a major deterrent to intruders.

Intruders can easily cut the burglar alarm cables

Not true. The answer is to install a wireless system where there are no visible wires to cut. These systems are readily available and are very easy to fit.

Source by M. Stephens