Fully encrypted and reliable wireless security system



Dim or turn-off lights right from your phone


Control temperature from wherever you are



Easily lock and unlock Z-Wave locks manually or automatically when entering or existing


Monitor you home from your phone, tablet, or computer



Automate smart devices based on your family’s lifestyle

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  • Security enhanced with industry leading PowerG technology designed to reduce operational costs for dealers and provide ultimate reliability for the end user
  • Fully encrypted and reliable wireless security system – End to End 128-Bit AES Encryption
  • Customized access and level of control, from local notifications to full remote control cloud-based intelligence
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Built-in Siren
  • Two way voice for better alarm verification
  • Visual Verification
  • 99 User Codes


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Activate events, schedules and other triggers at the touch of a button
  • Supports all family member needs, from traditional simple activation to mobile
  • Supports popular light, thermostat, power sockets, door locks and other home automation devices
  • Sleek, minimal design allows for discreet placement in any decor
  • Changeable cell communicator
  • Manage systems remotely, from anywhere using interactive services alarm monitoring
  • Capacitive Touch Keypad/Surface
  • End-user Replaceable Battery


  • Start with Security-only and upgrade to a full home automation system, all partnered with both

  • Start with the basics and evolve with your customers’ needs
  • Add your preferred offering of smart, environmental home automation devices
  • Meets your ever-changing security and smart home/business needs
  • Support for multiple communications protocols, such as Ethernet, as well as a wide range of wireless options such as Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, PowerG and optional cellular (3G* and LTE* †)

      * Optional
       † Only available in the US

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4 thoughts on “DSC iOtega Wireless DIY Home Security System

  1. Tyler Sills says:

    I only wish they made it clear if its possible to get their free programming if i bought my own kit and install it myself but obviously continue to be their customer, will have to call tomorrow to figure it out. As an Apple HomeKit user when I found out there was a security system out that was compatible I went nuts for it so I made the jump I hope you guys can help me out and offer free programming if I’ll be your new customer even though i didnt buy the system from you.

    • Chris says:

      Hello Tyler! We ALWAYS offer free programming for alarm panels as long as we have Internet or cellular access through one of our Interactive Services partners such as, SecureNet, AlarmNet, Alula, Telguard. We treat all hardware as existing equipment even if brand new purchased from a different dealer. Its all part of our alarm monitoring service!

      The Honeywell Lyric wireless system also offers compatibility with Apple HomeKit. The DSC iOtega version does as well. The SecureNet iOtega version does not however. Not quite sure how long iOtega will remain on the market now that Qolsys and DSC are sister companies. Just something to keep in mind.

  2. Bob L. says:

    My wife and I like the look of the small black cube (maybe 5″ square and 1 1/2″ high). We took the cue from others and have it sitting on our kitchen countertop where its easy to get to from any entry door (garage or front door) and was easy to just plug into the AC outlet on the countertop. Besides the sensors that came with the kit we bought three more window sensors and another motion detector for our lower level family room and one for my detached garage. I was worried whether the iOtega would “hear” the motion detector in the garage that is maybe 200 ft away but the PowerG wireless did the trick which I was told it would.

    Tim at SafeHomeCentral did all of the programming for me which was handy and didnt take long at all even with testing everything for connection to their central station. Very happy with the product and the help with the DIY installation!

  3. Robert G. says:

    I have two of these units – one for my home and one for a shorehouse (vacation home). Its a GREAT system. Easy to setup if you have the right dealer (I’m using SafeHomeCentral) and easy to use. My original purchase used SecureNet but by the time I got my next one an version was out. While the system itself is idential the app is so much better than the SmartLink app with SecureNet. I’m debating replacing the unit at home just so I can use one app ( to control both homes. Both of my places are under 3000 ft2 so I don’t need the long range that PowerG wireless provides – but its there just in case. Frankly PowerG is what sold me on the DSC iOtega system. Wish I could program from the panel’s keypad but SafeHomeCentral responds quickly whenever I need a change. The fact this company is open 7 days a week for technical support sold me. Its hard to get others to even answer their phone on a Monday!

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