A wireless boat alarm system offers ease in operation, a weather-resistant construction, and a reliable means for monitoring a potential theft, as well as temperature and high water related problems.

In searching out a boat security system it’s essential to find a system that’s designed to function in the often harsh marine environment, as opposed to a low-cost or modified home or car alarm. These modified systems will soon succumb to the adverse conditions at sea.

A security or monitoring system onboard a boat can activate as a result of changes in temperature in a engine room or cabin, a change in audio levels or motion, or due to high water. A boat owner can receive communication of an alarm being set-off via a portable tool, such as a laptop, PDA device, or mobile phone.

Components to these systems often include a sensor to detect a change in a pre-determined low and high threshold in an engine room’s temperature, a strobe light and siren to detect movement as a result of an unwanted guest, as well a bilge water height sensor to identify water entering a hull.

For a complete boat security package its also an option to invest in a plug and play deck sensor, canvas sensor, dock disconnect monitor, or a key-pad remote alarm to be installed in moments on all classes or watercraft.

In addition to a heightened level of security, these alarm systems can result in a reduction in the annual cost of insurance from some of the marine insurers, due to a greater degree of protection. A discount of 10 – 15% is often seen to be available.

Whether is a small sailboat, a trailerable houseboat, or a luxurious motor-driven yacht a high-tech security system offers a perfect solution for securing an often prized possession in a safe environment.

Source by Arran James