In 2001 (669,644) children (under 18) were reported missing

In 2002 that number climbed to (797,500) children (under 18) that were reported missing

Thats an average of (2,185) children reported missing EACH DAY! Source: US Department of Justice

Source: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Reports that a child goes missing every (40 secs) in the US.

In 2009 and previous years there were in excess of (800,000) children (under 18) reported missing each year.

Its estimated that another (500,000) go missing without being reported. (Non-custodial parents).


Over 2 MILLION US homes are broken into every year.

Property crimes are estimated to be more then $ 15.9 BILLION

The average dollar loss is $ 1,562 Source: The FBI.

Do you really have the money to replace your laptop, computer, gaming systems, furniture, clothing, iPod, DvD player, Blu Ray player, TV, stereo, jewelry, appliances, etc.?

Considering all of the dangers in the world it would be impossible to protect yourself and your family from all of them. That does not mean that you can not protect yourself and loved ones at all.

We go to sleep at night and just assume all will be OK and that we will wake up in the morning with everything normal. Maybe that has worked for you up to this point but for how long?

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing very important items missing from your home or even worse, wake up to have a stranger standing over your bed.

Lets take a look at a few things that you have control over when it comes to your house and your protection.


Get a gun – This makes some people feel safe and if you know how to use one it could be effective. The down side of having a gun in the home to protect yourself from break-ins can be many.

First of all, for a gun to be effective you would have to HEAR someone coming into your home. If someone is coming in to just steal your valuables they will make sure they are quiet in order not to wake anyone. If you do happen to hear them, you would have to go out and face them and get close enough for them to see you holding a gun.

What if they have a gun as well and the site of you holding one spooks them into using their heads. If you fire a warning shot all your really doing is causing damage to your own home and scaring your own family as well.

If someone was coming into your home to harm you or your family and got into your room before you heard them, how fast could you get to your gun with them in the room standing over you? If your gun is locked up like it should be then there's no chance of that.

This article is not anti gun, but as far as a gun being your main source of protection from invaders, it's not the best choice. What about the times your kids are home alone? What good is a gun going to do them?

Get a dog- Dogs are great pets and can really add to your family. There are so many benefits to having a dog around and scaring off people can be one of them. The problem with this is not all dogs make good watch dogs. They can be tricked or even lured outside.

Install motion lights- This is a great way to scare people who might be roaming the neighborhood. Motion detector lights should be installed outside your home but lights alone are not enough. People tend to become immune to lights going off and on, as they can be triggered from outside animals. Once someone learns where the lights are they can avoid them or disable them.

Install a Home Security System- This is the best way to protect yourself and your family. The benefits to having an alarm system are many. You can protect every single entry way into your home. Nobody is going to step foot into your place without you knowing. Not only will you know, but so will the whole neighborhood. This is great because nobody is going to stick around when it draws that much attention.

With home security systems you can install monitors so that you can look in on your house when your not there. Keep an eye on your pets or even your kids when they get home before you. You can also have messages sent to your phone letting you know when the alarm has been turned off and who turned it off.

If you are looking to get a home security that you can afford but still offers the best in protection then you want to take a serious look at a wireless security system. With A wireless system you can save all the money you would dish out for install fees. With a wired security systems you will have to pay a lot of money to have holes drilled and wires piled all through your house.

This is not ideal for saving money not to mention if you are renting a house or an apartment you might not want to be drilling holes through the walls.

With wireless there is no mess or money wasted on expensive installs. Sensors can be place at all entry ways with ease and little time. If you ever move just pack up your system and take it with you. To check out more about the best wireless home security systems that will not break your bank follow the links below.

Source by Aaron Gillespie

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