As crime rates are now at epidemic levels, making sure your property is adequately protected against the threats posed by intruders should not be taken lightly. There is ongoing research into creating new security systems and alarms that would ensure that our homes and workplaces are as burglar-proof as possible.

If your home or office still utilises an old fashioned motion sensor alarm, do not be under the impression that this alone is a deterrent to a potential intruder. There are now new systems and concepts that add an extra level of security to a property or building.

A lot of research and investment has gone into creating wireless security systems. Previously, most alarms would have utilised lengths of cables and wires which were in fact easy to tamper with such that a break-in could go undetected. Wireless systems take security to a higher level, in that they are a lot more difficult to disable.

There is now a trend (or trick!) for installing decoy alarms. These have been designed to give the appearance of a real security system, and have the ability of tricking an intruder into thinking they have effectively disabled an alarm when in reality their moves are actually being recorded and tracked!

CCTV cameras are now a common sight on our streets and in buildings. As the price of CCTV systems has been reduced drastically over the last few years, it is now quite affordable to integrate security cameras into a property’s alarm system. You can choose a security installer that also offers remote monitoring. When the alarm is triggered, professional security guards can observe the intruder and then take swift action. A camera not only helps in deterring potential burglars, the video that is recorded may also be used as evidence in a prosecution.

In a similar vein to motion detectors, there are now infrared sensors that can monitor the goings on in a particular area. These are designed to track heat sources such as the body heat given off by an intruder. Heat sensor systems are becoming extremely popular as they can also minimise the risk of a serious fire causing damage.

It can happen that even when the latest locks and alarms are installed in your property, an intruder still gains entry. You can reduce the impact of the break-in by choosing a system that releases a dense fog when the alarm is triggered. The result of this fog is that the burglar cannot see any further than just a few centimetres in front of their face and therefore immediately make their way out of the building as they can’t see what to steal!

Source by Stephen Mawhinney