The three things that scare burglars off of a property most are light, time, and noise. If you wish to protect your home from intruders, and to frighten them off when they attempt to break in, you need to keep these things in mind.

1. Burglars don’t like light. They are less likely to attempt breaking in a well lighted home at night. There are many outdoor motion sensory lights available from home security companies. Set them up around your home in high, out of reach places.

2. Set up ordinary security devices in order to slow burglars down. Try using padlocks on your windows, bars, bolts, locks, grates, and nails to make it hard on them to break through. Deadbolt locks are good for windows. The more complicated you make it for them to break in quickly, the more likely they’ll become impatient and give up.

3. Make the task of breaking in your home a noisy one. Equip alarms and sensory detectors throughout your house, especially near doors and windows.

If an intruder still manages to break into your home while you’re there, do not try to fight them. The risk of losing items isn’t as important as the risk of losing a life. Run away or lock yourself and your family up in a room and call the police. It may be a good idea to have an automatic dialer connected to your alarm system as well.

A very effective home security system will automatically contact the police whenever an intruder sets the alarms off. If an intruder is still dumb enough to stick around even after setting off the alarms, the police will get to your home and hopefully catch them.

Good home security equipment is well worth the money, but make sure you do research on the best companies. Do your homework before you invest.

Source by Deedra Fendalstein

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