It is not always necessary to have an expensive security alarm installation and monitoring company come out and secure your home. There is no need to pay for their expensive so-called high tech equipment or to suffer their costly monthly monitoring charges. In fact with a little knowledge and a small budget you can implement your very own Do It Yourself Home Security project. This article is intended to give the absolute beginner a starting blueprint to follow in securing their property and home without spending a small fortune.So lets begin…

First of all you want to make the perimeter of your home as unattractive to a would be thief as possible. This stage of defense will serve as a deterrence for a burglar who may be casing your property. If your home and property looks good and protected he will think twice about attempting to victimize you from the start.

Setting up an adequate perimeter defense is quite simple and inexpensive. First motion sensing flood lights are always a good start to make would be burglars back away as fast as they can. Since most criminals prefer to operate in the dark this tactic will shed a lot of light on any covert operation they may be planning. The brighter the light the better. Flood lights can be purchased at your local hardware store for any where from $20.00 to about $50.00. Most can be self installed without the aid of an electrician.(be sure to read the instructions carefully) The next visible signal to a burglar that your house is fortified could be the presence of window bars displayed prominently on all the windows.

Lets not forget that having a good strong security door also acts as a compliment to all the other defenses. Our purpose is to make a burglar who stands across the street from your house casing it decide that this target is not worth the aggravation. As an added measure you may also want to get what I call an early warning system AKA a dog. A medium to large sized dog is usually enough to keep most strangers off your property without your consent. Having mans best friend around will not only serve to protect you and your family but they make great companions for all in the household and are a joy to have around. You can pick up a good loyal dog from your local pound for only a few dollars, but the joy and peace of mind they bring will be priceless.

So if you are planning to embark on a Do It Yourself Home Security project in the near future, hopefully you now have a good starting point that will not break the bank so to speak. All the tips in this article were designed to give a would be burglar visible signs recognizable from a distance that would cause him to reconsider making any attempts to burglarize your property.

Source by Ed Powell