As break ins and burglaries are forever on the increase, you need to beat them at their own game by installing one or more home security devices. That's exactly what Shane did and considers it money very well spent!

Shane and his family did not live in a bad neighborhood; it was considered to be quite affluent when he had moved in. Times change but the city lowlifes still viewed it as a place where money lived. The crime rate had steadily increased and was now quite alarming.

In the past 3 months two of Shane's neighbors had been burgled and it was not just the material things that they had taken, it was the damage they had in the process. Slashing treasured photos and urinating on the carpet and soft furnishings.

Shane was not prepared to put his family through this trauma so had a full Wireless Security System security system installed, window and door alarms locks and including 2 dummy cameras which acted as decoys.

His wife thought he had spent more than was necessary but Shane was positive he had done he right thing; he was proved right only 6 weeks later. Three young drug addicts decided to target Shane's house one night. They spotted the dummy CCTV camera and ripped it down.

These were not classy burglars; they looked through the window, planned what they were going to grab and tried to jam open the window. It would not budge; Shane's locks were doing their job. Getting more frustrated, the thieves used further force to pop the window. Unbeknown to the troublesome pair, the trauma on the lock had activated the alarm.

Before they knew it, the police arrived and cuffed them. It later turned out that these were the same guys who had been going round the neighborhood and had a stash of stolen goods that they were selling gradually to feed their habits. Shane had not only protected his home, but had put some criminals behind bars for a long time.

Source by Jack Krohn

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