If you&#39ve ever had the displeasure of getting a pipe burst in your dwelling, you know how much time, hard work and funds it takes to maintenance the ensuing damage. Not only do you have the first pipe restore, structural damage and drinking water harm clean up to contemplate, critical mildew and mildew troubles can start off to infiltrate your drywall and insulation in several hours and crop up times or months just after you assume the issue has disappeared!

So what&#39s the ideal solution? Avoid the pipe from bursting in the initially place! Nowadays&#39s house automation industry has various superb &#39freeze alarm&#39 units that, when applied thoroughly can aid you reduce reduced temperatures in your property that induce pipe ruptures in chilly weather. In this post, we&#39ll appear at a few products with the precise identify brand name “Freeze Alarm” and examine the execs and cons.

Homesitter HS700 Temperature and Water Sensor

The Homesitter is the most simple model of the 3 we&#39re looking at these days, and this model is astonishingly powerful for the small value of acquire. With large and lower temperature monitoring, ability out monitoring, an integrated h2o leak sensor, dialer and audible regional alarm, this is a fantastic unit for all those in the quick vicinity and for people who depart their home unattended for intervals of time. This device will dial up to 3 programmed cellphone figures when an alarm takes place. The key disadvantage for this device is the lack of out there customization. The non-programmable high and reduced temperature alarm threshold is unlucky. You&#39re trapped with a small temperature alarm of 45 ° F and a high of 85 ° F. The energy outage alarm is also non-customizable and can only be set to dial out at 15 minutes or 60 minutes. The back again up battery in this unit is also a weak place. If the home you¡¯re monitoring presents to have dependable electric power flickering concerns, this can put on down the a single 9V battery fairly speedily.

Freeze Alarm Intermediate

The intermediate product, even though nonetheless retaining a good price issue, has quite a few critical options that the basic homesitter product lacks. In addition the same higher and low temperature monitoring, electric power outage monitoring, dialer and audible nearby alarm that the fundamental model has, the intermediate lets you to customise your higher and minimal temperature alarm points, and has a &#39call-in&#39 function that will allow you to phone the device from any telephone and pay attention to status updates on present temperature, back-up battery and electrical power standing. The significant downside for this device is still the back up battery. Flickering electric power can have on down the a single 9V battery quite quickly.

Deluxe Freeze Alarm

The deluxe model retains every thing fantastic about the intermediate model, with an minimal bit further .. In addition the exact same higher and very low temperature monitoring, electricity outage monitoring, dialer, audible local alarm, customizable higher and reduced temperature alarm points and &#39connect with-in &#39that the fundamental and intermediate types have, the deluxe unit has relay enter and output, allowing you to incorporate one accent and management different automations (like turning up or down the heat in your house in advance of arriving). Back again up battery is even now an issue and the selling price place is larger on this design for the included two options.

All in all, the Freeze Alarm manufacturer temperature monitor line is a trusted, straightforward to program collection. I would advise, when making use of any of these a few alarm dialers, that you order an supplemental battery pack so the again-up battery challenge becomes irrelevant.

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