When a person or a motor vehicle enters a driveway that leads to the front door of a property, a modern driveway alert system can detect the activity. The main purpose of this kind of device is to alert the owner, or security personnel assigned to the property, of the presence of an intruder or unexpected visitor. Driveway alert systems have both residential and commercial applications and they are mostly installed in order to protect a property and its occupants from persons with criminal intent.

If you have security concerns whether in your home or place of business, it is prudent to have a driveway alarm system installed to monitor the driveway that serves as conduit between the outside world and your property.

Typical setup

Usually, driveway alarms are integrated into a home security system and they serve as one of the essential components of an automatic system that protects the occupants from potential danger. Some driveway systems are connected to a security camera while others are integrated with a burglar alarm. There are also systems that are integrated with motion activated lighting systems.

Characteristics of modern driveway alarms

The latest in driveway alarm technology feature wireless capabilities, which is effective up to a certain distance (e.g. 200 feet, 400 feet). Driveway alarms utilize infrared systems with sensors that detect motion and activate an audible alarm. There are many different versions available, but most of the models are housed in a weather resistant outer shell. Modifications may also be made on the components so that they can function despite changes in temperature and withstand varied weather conditions. When the alarm is activated in the presence of questionable entities, the homeowner can immediately alert local reinforcement, thus ensuring the safety of everyone in the household.

You will find many different models in the market, and you need to determine what particular device suits your needs and provides the highest level of security for your property.

How the alarm system works

Wireless driveway alarm systems utilize a wireless receiver. This unit is typically installed inside the house where the occupants can easily hear a chiming sound whenever an intruder traverses the driveway. The motion of the intruder on the driveway is detected by a sensor, which utilizes passive infrared technology. The sensor is placed strategically on wall or a post where a person or vehicle is most likely to gain entry. The receiver and the sensor are the two main components of a driveway alert system. The third important component is the transmitter. This part of the system transmits the wireless signal between the sensor and receiver. Manufacturers include the mounting system in the package. Alarm systems run on electricity, but batteries are available as backup during power outage.

Opportunistic criminals often scout an area before they conduct their nefarious deeds. Driveway alert systems can be inconspicuous such that a scheming burglar will not know that there is a high-tech system monitoring the driveway. Because of the high level of security that the device can offer, a state-of-the-art driveway alarm system is a worthwhile investment.

Source by Jim Gilbertson

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