No Contract UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring

No requirement to call for a quote!

All of our pricing is shown online

Simple, no high pressure sales tactics like others

No requirement to call for a quote!

  • All of our pricing is shown online
  • Simple, no high pressure sales tactics like others

Forget multi-year alarm monitoring contracts and service commitments. Cancel anytime without penalty.  No hidden fees.

True UL Central Station dispatch alarm monitoring at DIY pricing. Certificate for homeowner insurance discount provided.

Reactivate your existing security system without buying a new system.  Honeywell, DSC, GE, Ademco, Interlogix, ADT, 2GIG and more compatibility.

Less expensive than ADT, Brinks, ProtectAmerica, Vivint, Frontpoint with better service.  Save big without a 3 year contract!

Interactive services options for remote arm/disarm and control of lights, door locks, thermostats.

Inexpensive cellular, Internet/WIFI, or landline/VoIP connectivity with multiple backup options.

Affordable UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring Pricing


$12.95per month
$12.95per month
  • UL Central Station
    We have trained operators ready to respond and verify your alarm signals 24x7x365. This includes burglary alarms, life safety such as fire and CO, status signals (AC loss), and environmental alerts such as low temperature or flood detection. Upto 75 zones of protection which is more than you'll ever need!
  • Connection: IP Internet
    Use a your WIFI or Ethernet port for a rapid connection to our central station. If outside line tampering is of concern then consider using our cellular connection method. Also be aware your Internet connection has the risk of being impacted by a power outage in the home. See our list of compatible IP Internet communicators.
  • No Contract
    We offer all alarm monitoring plans with NO CONTRACTS. No long-term, multi-year commitments. We do offer pre-pay discounts for annual (15%), six months (5%) or just go month to month. Your choice and never any pressure to change.
  • Interactive Services
    Options for remote Arm/Disarm of your security system (BASIC), control of home automation devices such as lights, thermostats, and door locks (ENHANCED), or use video cameras with your account (VIDEO).
  • Remote Configuration
    We can remote configure your compatible IP Internet communicator at no extra charge.
  • Text, eMail, Phone Notification
    Receive alarm notifications by text, email, and phone if Interactive Services is selected. This includes system arming or disarming, power loss - all easily customizable by the subscriber. In addition the central status will notify by phone a family member/relative, neighbor etc. from your Call List if authorities were dispatched.

* Pricing shown includes a 15% annual pre-pay discount.  A one-time $10 activation fee applies to all new central station accounts.

Internet Alarm Monitoring

IP Internet WIFO Alarm Monitoring

Land lines in homes are rapidly disappearing because of the high cost to maintain a phone line when frankly everyone has high speed Internet with WIFI in their home today.  For many alarm owners they have kept this obsolete communication medium in their home just for their alarm system.  Eliminating the POTS line and switching to IP Internet monitoring is actually a monthly savings, and increases speed of connection to a central station.

At just $12.95 per month for basic IP Internet monitoring its hard to hang on to a landline if just for your security system.  The additional $4 per month moving to Internet monitoring from landline ($8.95) is way less than the $40+ per month you pay for a POTS line.  Most homeowners save roughly $500 annually just switching to Internet alarm monitoring and ditching their land line.  While VoIP is a cheaper alternative for phone service its not a reliable medium for alarm signalling.

And homeowner insurance carriers love Internet alarm monitoring.  Be sure to check what annual premium discount they offer.  Most grant a 10%-20% savings!

Internet router for IP Alarm Monitoring

Internet Only Risks

Important downsides to Internet only alarm monitoring must be pointed out however.  The first is line cuts.  Cable/Fiber lines are always at risk of being cut by an intruder before they attempt to break-in to your home.  These lines also have the added risk of being disabled by weather events such as a down tree taking down the line to your home during a storm or snow blizzard.   

The second risk is power failure at your home or business.  Unless you have backup power on your cable/fiber modem and router your connectivity to the central station will fail until power is restored.

We recommend considering redundant connectivity to our UL central station just like commercial accounts demand for reliability.  In some cases you can continuing using your legacy POTS landline or add cellular for the most secure and reliable redundant communication link.  Cellular of course has no wires to be cut and is generally powered by your alarm panel which has a backup battery in case of power failure.

Tampering with POTS alarm

What Is Needed To Switch To IP Internet Alarm Monitoring

In order for your security system to communicate with our central station via Internet it must have an Internet communicator either built-in or added as an external option for hardwired panels.

Honeywell Lyric with built in IP Internet wifi Communicator

Most professional-grade wireless systems on the market today have WIFI Internet capability built-in and the few that do not have plugin IP boards available for Internet alarm monitoring.  The plugin card must be compatible with your wireless alarm system model and generally made by the same manufacturer.

For hardwired systems (the traditional hidden control panel) you simply connect a small add-on IP communicator to your existing system.  This communicator provides the alarm panel with a path to the central station for alarm signalling. In reality the communicator is “talking” with a third party Interactive Services (IS) provider that accepts both cellular and IP Internet based alarm communications and relays this information almost instantaneously to the central station for alarm dispatch as appropriate.

What’s nice is not only can you send alarm signals to your central station faster, there is usually the option to be able to remote control your alarm system from anywhere you have WIFI or cellular service on your smartphone.  What an upgrade!

Easy Installation of Cellular Communicator For Alarm MonitoringInstalling is pretty simple as long as you have basic hands-on skills meaning you can attach four wires to your alarm panel and mount the unit on the wall next to the control panel (or install a plugin module to a wireless system).  SafeHomeCentral can talk you through this over the phone and provide the exact screw terminals you need to connect to on your alarm panel.  Remember its just four wires or a plugin card!

Some communicator models are “Dual Path” which provide by IP Internet as well as cellular connectivity for full redundancy.

Internet and cellular communicators are made to work with a particular interactive service provider such as AlarmNet, Telguard, Alula, SecureNet, Connect24, Uplink, or  If you have an existing communicator you must use ADC going forward or else change the communicator to use SecureNet Internet or cellular interactive services for example.

NOTE: Because focuses on local security dealers with expensive monitoring rates many online alarm monitoring dealers such as SafeHomeCentral have moved away from ADC to continue offering affordable alarm monitoring.  We have stopped activating security systems with as of January 2018.

IP Internet Communicator for Alarm Monitoring
How to save money on alarm monitoring

How Do I Save Money?

Important Questions and Considerations

Switching to a different alarm monitoring provider is not difficult, with some possible exceptions below.  When our cost for real UL central station alarm monitoring is substantially less expensive, no contract, and support is better its a natural move.

  • Are you under an existing alarm monitoring contract?  Be careful because many contracts have auto renewal provisions that may lock you in for another three to five years at high pricing.  Also its common to have a 30 or 60 day termination notification period.  Also are there any hidden termination fees they failed to mention?   Local dealers and even national dealers such as ADT make a LOT of money on alarm monitoring so they will make it as hard as possible for customers to leave.
  • Do you own your alarm equipment?  Another reason to read your existing alarm agreement carefully.  ADT for example offers “free” home security systems when you sign up for their multiyear alarm monitoring plan.  Obviously nothing is free.  In this case ADT owns the main equipment such as control panel, keypad, motion sensor.  Anything added additional you would own but if you terminate service or do not renew the high priced monitoring they remove “their” equipment leaving you with no working alarm system.  Just another sneaky method to retain highly profitable accounts.
  • Do you already have an IP communicator?  This can be either as part of a plugin wireless system module or hardwired addon unit. Your alarm panel using an Internet communicator actually “talks” with an Interactive Services (IS) provider not the central station directly.

It is important to understand what alarm panel model you currently have as well as what Interactive Services provider is/was used. An IP communicator compatible with Honeywell Alarmnet will not work with any other provider such as SecureNet.  Communicators are built for a particular Interactive Services provider, they are not universal unfortunately.  In general this is not a problem if you already like the IS provider you are using other than price your alarm company is charging for their services.

  • Do you know the “Installer Code” for your alarm panel?   In many cases the installing alarm company did not provide this important code to you despite you owning the equipment.  This code is used to get into the programming area of your security system.  Since the Account Number will need to be modified, getting into Program Mode is necessary.

If you do not know the Installer Code nicely ask your existing or previous alarm company for this code.  They know what it is since they used it to put their account information into your panel.  In some cases dealers will want to send a technician to your home to change the code, and of course charge you for the visit ($100).  There is no reason why they can’t tell you this code over the phone.  Don’t fall for this last chance to milk you!

Depending on the brand and model alarm control panel there may be a “back door” into your panel if the Installer Code is not known.  Honeywell/Ademco Vista panels for example have an easy way to get into Program Mode if the code was forgotten.  Others however must be “factory reset” meaning it erases all current configuration (zones, passcodes, etc.) and acts like a new panel out of the box.  Reprogramming the panel is NOT something you want to tackle on your own and usually requires a local dealer to assist.  Hopefully you know the Installer Code or can get it from the previous dealer without hassle.

See our primer on Resetting the Installer Code on Honeywell Hardwired and Wireless Alarm Systems!

Steps Involved in switching alarm monitoring

Steps Involved

  • Make the purchase for UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring.  Select billing period: Monthly, Six Months, Annual.  We get a prepay discount from our UL central station provider which we pass on to our customers.  Annual billing comes with a 15% discount for example.  This is NOT a contract, rather a prepay discount. 

You can also select the two-way voice option if your equipment is compatible (has a mic and speaker in the keypad). 

If your communicator is compatible with Interactive Services such as remote arm/disarm (Basic) or Z-Wave home automation (Enhanced), select these services as well if desired.

  • Complete our Alarm Monitoring Enrollment Form.  This details your address, telephone number to verify alarm before dispatch, passcode to validate user, zone information, etc.
  • Schedule your activation time and date.  In general we can get you online same day but we are here 7 days a week so pick a time convenient for you.
  • Change the account number in your control panel.  We will help you over the phone make these minor changes at your keypad.  This is where the Installer Code comes in.
  • Test the changes.  We will have you arm your security system then trip a few zones to verify the signals were properly received by the central station.  Its important we test all life safety zones such as smoke or carbon monoxide detectors!
  • We next put your account online.  You are now fully protected with UL central station monitoring!
  • You will receive an email (generally within 30 minutes of going online) showing the account printout at the central station.  Review this information to make sure your telephone numbers, address, etc. are correct.  You will also receive an Alarm Monitoring Certification to give to your homeowners insurance agent.  Most companies give a 10% – 20% annual premium discount for a monitored alarm system so its important to have this certification.
Alarm Monitoring Certificate For Insurance Discount
See Our Full Selection Of Internet Communicators

6 thoughts on “IP Internet WIFI Alarm Monitoring From $12.95

  1. Mike D. says:

    SafeHomeCentral is terrific. I initially made the switch at home and the cutover was flawless. A few months later, we were doing a renovation project at work and wanted a fire alarm. With Chris’ expert support, I was able to install an entire system at my workplace.. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!

  2. Lonnie O. says:

    I have a Honeywell Lyric controller using the built-in WIFI radio. My neighbor told me about these people and when my contract expired with my local guy I made the switch. Even with Total Connect the price was $18 less than I paid monthly with my original dealer. Setup was handled remote. The biggest issue was Lyric panels need to be erased if monitored previously but Chris reprogrammed all of my sensors back in and at no additional charge. Definitely recommend the switch if looking to save money.

  3. Jim D. says:

    Saved $20 a month just by switching alarm companies. My former dealer also used COPS Monitoring so I don’t know why they were charging me so much for six years other than I was a complete sucker. Spoke with Chris at Safehomecentral and made the switch the next day. Could have been right when I called but my last alarm company took 24 hours to release my Internet module’s MAC address from Alarmnet. Very frustrating when I own the module! The people at Safehomecentral know their stuff and made the transition easy.

  4. Sharon D. says:

    I was able to tackle the switch easily with just telephone support, no technician visit required. I’m not very hands-on but other than opening the communicator (?) to look for the tag with serial number nothing more was required. Much simplier than I thought. We tested everything together over the telephone and I’m now saving $250 a year. Chris was very helpful walking me through the whole process before starting. Very satisfied and highly recommend their alarm monitoring service.

  5. Greg T. says:

    Just hooked up my Honeywell Lyric using WIFI Internet and hook-up was very easy. Tim was able to get into my panel and make all the changes for me. All I had to do was trip a few alarms so he could confirm everything was working. Pricing was way less than the company who sold me the Lyric control and could have saved a few bucks there too if I knew about SafeHomeCentral earlier. Will probably get cellular next year when a new tower is completed nearby. Cell reception in my home is horrible currently with both Verizon and ATT. Highly recommend these people for making my switch easy with lots of savings to boot. Thanks Tim!

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