No Contract UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring

No requirement to call for a quote!

All of our pricing is shown online

Simple, no high pressure sales tactics like others

No requirement to call for a quote!

  • All of our pricing is shown online
  • Simple, no high pressure sales tactics like others

Forget multi-year alarm monitoring contracts and service commitments. Cancel anytime without penalty.  No hidden fees.

True UL Central Station dispatch alarm monitoring at DIY pricing. Certificate for homeowner insurance discount provided.

Modernize your existing security system without buying a new system.  Honeywell, DSC, GE, Ademco, Interlogix, ADT, Napco and more compatibility.

Less expensive than ADT, Brinks, and ProtectAmerica with better service.  Save big without a 3 year contract!

Included interactive services for remote arm/disarm and optional Z-Wave control of lights, door locks, thermostats.

Included cellular, WIFI, or Ethernet connectivity for multiple backup options.

Affordable UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring Pricing

Don’t Fall For “Self-Monitoring” Gimmicks

* Pricing shown includes a 15% annual pre-pay discount.  A one-time $15 activation fee applies to all new central station accounts.

Tri-Path Interactive

$19.95and up*
$19.95and up*
  • UL Central Station
    We have trained operators ready to respond and verify your alarm signals 24x7x365. This includes burglary alarms, life safety such as fire and CO, status signals (AC loss), and environmental alerts such as low temperature or flood detection. Up to 75 zones of protection which is more than you'll ever need!
  • Connection: Ethernet, WIFI, and/or Cellular included
    The Alula BAT-CONNECT can use Ethernet, WIFI and/or cellular carrier (Verizon or AT&T) for a fast, lower risk connection to our central station. Line tampering by an intruder is virtually eliminated with cellular! Because cellular communicators are wired directly to security systems they are powered and battery backed up by the alarm panel. This is important since LAN devices are generally NOT protected against power failure.
  • No Contract - ever!
    We offer all alarm monitoring plans with NO CONTRACTS. No long-term, multi-year commitments. We do offer pre-pay discounts for annual (15%), six months (5%) or just go month to month. Your choice and never any pressure to change.
  • Interactice Services for compatible panels
    Remote Arm/Disarm of your compatible security system is included. Options to control home automation devices such as lights, thermostats, and door locks when using the optional RE934Z Z-Wave module, or use Alula video cameras with your interactive account.
  • Remote Configuration
    We can remote configure your compatible alarm panel at no extra charge.
  • AT&T or Verizon cell service included
    Choose the carrier service that works best in your home location. The BAT-CONNECT comes in AT&T and Verizon models
  • Text, eMail, Phone Notification
    Receive alarm notifications by text, email, and phone when the Interactive Services option is selected. This includes system arming or disarming, power loss - all easily customizable by the subscriber. In addition the central status will notify by phone a family member/relative, neighbor etc. from your Call List if authorities were dispatched.

Alula, Smarter Security

Total System Control From Anywhere

Remotely arm and disarm your home security system from anywhere, control your Z-Wave  lights, door locks and thermostats.

Notification System

Stay aware of important activity at your home or business anytime, not just when there’s an emergency, with customizable text, video, push notifications and email alerts.


View and control your DIY home security system with the app’s easy to navigate dashboard: Arm and disarm your system, view live video, adjust lights, locks, thermostat and garage doors.

Alula App Advanced Yet Simple

Simplified User Control

Simplified User Control  

Add new users within seconds. Allow full or limited control with selective access configuration. Even have the ability to establish temporary accounts for services companies or visiting family members. 

Alula Home Security Zone Configurations

Alula uses zones in coordination with armed modes and zone configurations to determine how your security system responds when a sensor or detector is triggered. Customize your own zone configurations in your Alula app today. 

Integrated Video

Easy-to-use and affordable video solution designed for businesses and homeowners. Now you can keep an eye on your home or business with the comfort of knowing video is securely stored and can be retrieved from anywhere.

Automation, Scenes & Video

It’s your home, you set the rules

With so many ways to stay connected, you deserve reliability and control. Set the rules for real-time notifications. Know instantly when doors and windows are opened or when motion is detected and receive live video straight to your mobile device. 

Technology at your pace

With event based Scenes” and Recipes”, your smart devices can support your way of life. Adjust the entire atmosphere in your home based on your day to day routines. Lights, cameras, garage doors and thermostats can adjust to greet you in the morning or when  you arrive back home in the evenings. 

Alula App Stay in the know
Alula App Dog Walker

Panel Compatibility with the Alula Bat-connect

Alula’s new BAT-Connect is the ultimate system takeover device, easily upgrading legacy security platforms to a modern, mobile experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this intuitive device smartly bridges intrusion security, video and automation with the Alula iOS or Android Apps. Fueled by the encrypted, lightning fast Alula network, system control is delivered instantly to the smart devices your customers already use and love.

The Alula BAT-CONNECT can remote control popular industry alarm panels (see list below) but can also work with essentially ANY panel that can dial-out with Alula’s telco event capture and reporting capability using phone line emulation.  It does not provide remote arm/disarm functionality in this mode but you still get full tri-path connectivity to Alula.


  • Vista-15P
  • Vista-20P
  • Vista-21iP
  • SafeWatch Pro 3000 (ADT)
DSC Security Systems
  • PC580 (Power 432)
  • PC1555 (Power 632)
  • PC1555MX (Power 632)
  • PC5010 (Power 832)
  • PC5020 (Power 864)
  • PC1616
  • PC1832
  • PC1864
  • NEO (HS series) not supported
GE Interlogix Security Systems
  • NX4
  • NX-4V2
  • NX-6
  • NX-6V2
  • NX-8
  • NX-8V2
  • NX-8E
  • Concord 4 (coming soon!)
Napco Security Systems
  • Coming Soon!
  • Firmware release expected 2Q 2020

Alula BAT-CONNECT Family

6 thoughts on “Affordable No Contract Alula BAT-CONNECT Alarm Monitoring

  1. Kevin M. says:

    I bought a BAT-CONNECT from another dealer and signed up for monthly service. After three months I was ready to find a new company because of their poor response time when our alarm tripped. Hooked up with these people and the response time was quick, under 30 seconds from when the siren sounded. Was able to save $6/month as well! Making the transition was easy after the last dealer released my MAC address which I had to ask three times. Time will tell but VERY happy with the service so far.

  2. Paul N. says:

    Great service! Connected to my older Honeywell panel and wow new life. Looking to try the touch keypads next but adding remote control was what I wanted and thought I would need to replace my panel for this feature. Easy to wire and 5G capability has me ready for years to come.

  3. Patrick J. says:

    I have a 6 year old First Alert panel and wanted to be able to arm and disarm my alarm system from my cell phone as well as upgrade the keypads to touchscreens without replacing the whole panel. The Bat-Connect was the perfect addition. Was way cheaper than replacing with a new panel (which my local dealer wanted to do) plus I now have WIFI and cellular communication to the monitoring center. Was simple to install just hooking up four wires. Again, perfect DIY upgrade solution!

  4. Walt K. says:

    I was able to update my older Ademco hardwired alarm panel using the Alula Bat-Connect-V and their slimline touchscreen which connected using WIFI. Now I have both cellular and WIFI connectivity to a central station and can remote control my system using the Alula app on my phone. Was way cheaper than replacing the alarm panel which two local dealers recommended. Did some research online and found SafeHomeCentral who told me about the Bat-Connect and its features for modernizing older panels. Was easy to hook up and works great. The tech support by these people is exceptional!

  5. Paul S. says:

    Connected the BAT-CONNECT to my DSC PC1616 and now have smartphone control which my last dealer could not provide, at double the price. Both my wife and I have the Alula app loaded on our phones and it works pretty quick. May add some cameras in the Spring when it warms up outside!

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